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The Difference | Have you ever wanted to change the world?

As part of the VUCAP PBWA Women in Leadership series we continue to promote women leaders and women led organisations.

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Zara Torre is CEO and Founder of The Difference. She is a law graduate, practising dentist, and has completed a Masters in Public Health with a particular interest in health economics addressing social disadvantage. She is excited about all of these things and creating new frameworks to imagine philanthropy! The Difference is one of those new philanthropic frameworks that Zara is pioneering.

About The Difference

The Difference is a mobile application ready to be launched later this year which allows users to 'round-up' by linking a card to their account.

Every time they make a purchase using the linked card/account, these 'micro-donations' will go towards carefully vetted charitable and social organisations with impact.

This happens seamlessly for your everyday purchases with 100% of profits going to causes locally and globally!

How does The Difference align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)?

With their philanthropy model and by supporting the below organisations;

the Difference aligns with the following UNSDGs.

How can people contact the The Difference?

Visit the Difference website to get in touch with Zara and her team. Click the image below to go to the contact page or click here to sign up to be amongst the first to be notified when the app goes live.

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