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Outback Initiatives | An experiential solution for change Leadership

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About Outback Initiatives

Outback Initiatives, has been facilitating change through experiential learning for over 20 years. Outback Initiatives is owned by Ausworks, an international human resources consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia.

Outback Initiatives provides outcomes-based consulting, custom corporate and government training, and personal development programs designed for executives, women, youth and rural communities. Their solutions help organisations to navigate change effectively, engage stakeholders for social impact and build agile and high performing teams.

Over 10,000 leaders have benefited from Outback Initiatives group experiential learning programs.

Sheryll Fisher is the Outback Initiatives Managing Director

Sheryll has over 13 years of experience designing and delivering over 100 adventure-based training programs including the new Kimberley Leadership Adventure, the Introverted Leadership program and the Leadership Boot Camp programs.

Prior to joining the company in 2006, Sheryll oversaw administration, project management and quality systems in engineering and space related industries in Australia and the United States. Sheryll is passionate about experiential learning for community engagement and women, youth and indigenous leadership development. Sheryll was named Belmont Business Awards Businesswoman of the Year 2015 and helped the company secure several awards, including Commonwealth Bank North West Metro Small Business Awards for Best Business and Best Educational Services Provider.

How does Outback Initiatives align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)?

Outback Initiatives aligns with the following UNSDGs

How can people contact Outback Initiatives?

Visit the Outback Initiatives website to get in touch with Sheryll and her team. Click the image to go to the contact page.

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