EWLA 2019 Team

Meet the EWLA 2019 Team

The Perth Business, Women's Alliance (PBWA) began with it's first year with the Emerging Women in Leadership Awards. 

Here's a little bit about the team behind it. 

Amber Harkins 

PBWA Director 2019 

Amber provides overall leadership of the team and with her commitment to empowering women she fits naturally in this role.  

She brings a wealth of experience and leadership talent that shapes the PBWA values and culture. 

Sam Walsham

VUCAP Director Strategic Communications 2019 

Sam brings to the team strategic communications expertise that ensures that the significance of the awards is captured accurately attracting some of the very best Western Australian leaders to be identified and nominated for these awards. 

Tenille Bentley

PBWA Ambassador 2019 

Tenille is a creator, innovator and an international award-winning global change agent winning awards recognised by the Prime Minister called The Australian Leadership Award and being picked by The Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence.

Kate Bayley

VUCAP Marketing, Communication & PR (Internship) 2019 

Kate joined the team through the VUCAP internship programme reporting directly to Sam Walsham (VUCAP Director Strategic Communications) and sponsored by Andre De Barr (VUCAP Managing Director). Instantly she began to add value to the team by coordinating public relations and brand management activities. Her attention to detail and focus, along with a calm approach to business challenges sets her apart as a true professional in her field. 

Emerging Women in Leadership

Judging Panel 2019

Sanchia Tolomei, Vicky Moriarty, Dena Zarif and Mary Wyatt

For the Emerging Women in Leadership Awards to be truly valuable to the winners and nominees in general, they must be judged by experienced leaders. Our panel of independent judges do just that. 

Sanchia Tolomei

Founder | Porze

Vicky Moriarty

Future Leaders Program Manager | RACGP

Dena Zarif

CEO | Anson Management Consulting

Mary Wyatt

Co-Founder and Principle GP | Next Practice, Victoria Park

Andre De Barr

VUCAP Managing Director 

Andre is the VUCAP Managing Director. The Perth Business, Women's Alliance is a VUCAP initiative to support greater gender equality in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). 


The VUCAP vision is a better world. A better world is defined by achieving the 17 Goals. 

Perth Business, Women's Alliance

Perth Business, Women's Alliance (PBWA) is a network of established women leaders who are inspirational, innovative and talented. 

For Perth to become a global city it needs leadership that can rise to global challenges. 

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